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Our observatory is closed from the 12th of May to the 24th of May. We wont be able to be contacted by phone during this time and wont be able to respond to any phone or text queries during this time. We can be contacted by email though.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please feel free to contact us using one of the methods below.

We wont be able to be contacted during any of the sessions as we will be busy entertaining our guests.


What is the difference between the Night Sky and Telescope Viewing and the Premium Tour?

The Night Sky & Telescope Viewing is the general session and is the first session of the evening. Lasting for a minimum of one hour, it can have a maximum of 50 people attend. The show includes an astronomy presentation followed by telescope viewing. Bring a compatible camera (see camera FAQ below) for a free astrophoto through the telescope!

The Premium session lasts for a minimum of 1 hour 45 minutes with a maximum of 6 people. View more objects through the telescopes, as well as with a pair of astronomy binoculars! We’ll take four astrophotos through the main telescope with your compatible DSLR camera (see camera FAQ below), and you’ll get a free photo card of a previously captured object. This session is held after the Night Sky & Telescope Viewing session.

Where is the Observatory?

The observatory is located 6 km from the town centre.

Our address is 17L Camp Road.

From the Newell Hwy, turn left on Obley Rd, then right onto Camp Rd. We are on the left.

Alternatively, from the Newell Hwy, drive past the Obley Rd turn off, turn left on Camp Rd, we are on the right.

What happens if I need to cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket by emailing the observatory directly at [email protected]. Please do not contact the ticketing agency.

If more than 7 days notice is given, you can request a credit note to use to purchase tickets on a future date or a refund is issued (unless purchased with a credit or gift certificate). The refund goes back to the card you used. This can take a few business days for the bank to complete the transfer. The ticketing fee is non-refundable. If the ticket was purchased with a credit note or gift certificate, a new credit note is issued for you to purchase a new ticket.

If less than 7 days notice is given, a refund or credit is only issued if we can resell your ticket.

What happens if it’s overcast or raining?

Night Sky & Telescope Viewing Session: On arrival you’ll get the choice of a credit for a future available session of the same value in the next 3 years, or to continue with the show. In some cases, we may contact you by text giving you the choice. Where you choose to continue with the session, the show starts as normal with the 30 minute astronomy presentation. If it is raining, this is held indoors. If it remains overcast we extend the presentation. If we can’t show you any objects through the telescope we issue a 50% refund excluding the booking fee. This is done via the ticketing agency by refunding half of the tickets. e.g. If 2 adults were booked, 1 adult would be refunded. In the case where the split is uneven, we refund any remaining amount to your nominated bank account e.g. if 3 adults were booked, we refund 1 adult ticket through the ticketing agency, and refund the value of half a ticket by bank transfer.

Premium / Private/ Astrophotography Sessions: The show is cancelled. You can decide to either to receive a refund or credit to use for a future session of the same value.

Can I bring my children to the Observatory?

Children 5 years of age and older are welcome. They must have a ticket to the session and be accompanied by an adult with a ticket.

Children under 5 years of age are not permitted.

Which cameras are compatible with the telescopes?

DSLR cameras: Canon, Nikon and Pentax. We use the camera body and attach our adapter. Adapters are brand specific.

Mirrorless cameras: Sony, Canon and Nikon can be used if you have the adapter that fits a DSLR lens.

Do I get to look through a telescope?

You get to look through the telescopes in all session types except for the astrophotography session.

Is the show suitable for children?

The shows (particularly the presentation) are more targeted to teenagers and adults, but is suitable for children with an interest in space, the night sky, and astronomy.

Young children usually don’t have the ability to view objects through a telescope. Children under 5 years of age are not permitted.

Why can’t I bring children under 5 years of age?

Young children usually cannot see through an eyepiece and do not get anything out of the show.

The telescopes are delicate instruments and not toys. Young children often touch and handle parts of the telescope, which can put the telescopes out of alignment for the rest of the session.

We have had instances where significant damage has been done to telescopes, including a case which cost $5000 to repair and the telescope being out of action for months waiting for spare parts.

Very young children usually get bored very quickly, get cold, or tired and can disrupt the session for others.

Do you accept companion cards?

The companion pays the child price.

Is there wheelchair access?

There is wheelchair access to the main building and the outdoor telescope platform. There is no access to the observatory. To view through a telescope, you will need to stand briefly. Occasionally you may need to use a stepladder.

What time is the observatory open?

We have sessions that start at specific times at night and these times vary throughout the year. We also run a daytime solar viewing session except in summer. Timings are for tonight’s show are on the home page. For other days, go to the ticketing site.

Do I need to book?

You require a ticket to attend one of our sessions.

Night Sky & Telescope Session: Tickets are available online in the first instance up to an hour before start time. These are the cheapest tickets. Unsold tickets are sold at the door 15 minutes before start time. These cost $5 extra per ticket.

All other sessions: Online sales only.

When should I purchase a ticket?

We recommend you purchase tickets on the day so you know what the weather is doing. The clearer the sky, the more we see.

However, shows normally sell out on long weekends, April, July, September/October school holidays, between Christmas and New Year, and the first week of January. In these periods it is best to book a day or two in advance. You can get an idea of how full a session is if you check the ticketing site, it will tell you how many tickets are left.

Are you dog friendly?

Dogs and other pets are not permitted at the observatory except in your car.

However assistance dogs for medical/ disability reasons are an exception.

How long will I be there?

Night Sky & Telescope Viewing: Minimum 1 hour, usually hour and 15 minutes.

Premium Session: 1 hour 45 minutes

Astrophotography session: 2 hours

What if I don’t have a camera, but want a photo?

You can bring a standard size SD card that fits our canon camera.

You can buy an SD card here to use. If you do, you can have 2 photos taken.

We sell photos we have taken through the telescope.

What should I wear?

We are outdoors so you need to dress to the weather conditions

Winter: It can be very cold, wear as much as you can, and wearing a beanie, scarf and gloves really makes a difference.

Summer: We can get some mosquitos at dusk, so please wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt and apply an insect repellent on any exposed areas.

Enclosed shoes are required.

Do you provide transport to the observatory?

No, we do not provide transport.

What if I am running late?

If you arrive late without prior notice, you will notice the door is closed and a sign saying a session is in progress. You will not be allowed in. You will not be allowed entry and there is no refund.

If you think you will be late, you can call before start time an advise. When you arrive, send a text only (don’t call) and we will come out and get you.

Do you have a gift shop?

Yes we sell astronomy related books, DVDs, toys, pictures, and more!

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