Private Telescope Viewing Session

Same as the Premium Session but for 1 person or your own small group.

Session goes for 2 hours max.

Expert guided view of the Night Sky

View stars, nebulae, & galaxies through our telescopes. If there are any planets visible, we will show you those as well.

Astronomy presentation.

Use of a pair of binoculars

Live view of distant galaxies using a CCD camera on our largest telescope.

If you bring a compatible DSLR camera or compatible mirrorless camera, we can take images through the telescope. No limit on the number.

Free 6 x 4 picture of an object we have taken through our telescope.

Available on most nights excluding bright moon nights.

April: 11th to 25th: 1am

20th & 21st is sold out

27th to 30th: 10:30pm

Price: $150 per person

Bookings: To book, call or email peter 0488 425 940,