17L Camp Road, Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Tonight’s Shows.

To book for tonight, call 0488 425 940 before 8pm

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Online ticket sales close at 8pm. Unsold tickets available at the door after that.

We strongly recommend you book on the day once you know what the weather is doing and know you definitely come as tickets are non-refundable for The Night Sky & Telescope Viewing Session.

Astronomy Night Sky Tours

  • We run Astronomy and Night Sky Viewing sessions on most nights.
  • Night Sky & Telescope Viewing , Group size max 50 people, Min 1 hour.
  • Premium Session, Group size max 6 people, Min 1 hour 45 mins.
  • Private Telescope Viewing.
  • Astrophotography with compatible DSLR and mirrorless cameras or bring or purchase a standard SD card and use our camera. 1 person, 2 hour duration.
  • Daytime Solar Viewing
  • Online Deep Sky Viewing Session
  • Select the session type in the menu under bookings for more information and how to purchase tickets.

Astronomical Imaging

  • Remote Observatory Hosting
  • Remote CCD Photometry of Variable stars, comets and asteroids using our 20-inch telescope.
  • Photography of a star purchased from the International Star Registry.
  • Remote Imaging of Deep Sky Objects using our 17-inch telescope. LRGB and 3nm Ha, SII, OIII filters available.

Contact us for more information.

Some of our favourites…

Partial Solar Eclipse
Pleiades (Subaru) star cluster
The Pleiades (Subaru)
Lunar Eclipse
Eta Carina Nebula
The Milky Way Galaxy
Horsehead Nebula
Star trails over Dubbo Observatory.
Star trails over Dubbo Observatory
Running Man Nebula