Tonight’s Shows

Saturday 30th September

Forecast: 75% Clear Sky

7pm: Night Sky & Telescope Viewing: sold out

8:30pm: Night Sky & Telescope Viewing: sold out

10pm: Late Show sold out

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Forecast for the next few nights

Sunday 1st Oct: Overcast

Mon 2nd: 50% Clear sky

Tuesday 3rd: 40% Clear Sky

Wednesday 4th: rain

Thursday 5th: Mostly Cloudy

Friday 6th: 70% Clear Sky

Saturday 7th: 90% Clear Sky

Astronomy Night Sky Tours

  • We run Astronomy and Night Sky Viewing sessions on most nights.
  • There are several session types
  • Night Sky & Telescope Viewing (Group size max 50)
  • Premium Session (Group size max 6)
  • Private Telescope Viewing
  • Astrophotography with your DSLR/Mirrorless
  • Daytime Solar Viewing
  • Online Deep Sky Viewing Session
  • Select the session type in the menu under bookings for more information and how to purchase tickets.

Astronomical Imaging

  • Remote Observatory Hosting
  • Remote CCD Photometry of Variable stars, comets and asteroids using our 20-inch telescope.
  • Photography of a star purchased from the International Star Registry.
  • Remote Imaging of Deep Sky Objects using our 17-inch telescope. LRGB and 3nm Ha, SII, OIII filters available.

Contact us for more information.

Dubbo Observatory’s 17″ Planewave telescope observing the Southern Cross

Some of our favourites…

Partial Solar Eclipse
Pleiades (Subaru) star cluster
The Pleiades (Subaru)
Lunar Eclipse
Eta Carina Nebula
The Milky Way Galaxy
Horsehead Nebula
Star trails over Dubbo Observatory.
Star trails over Dubbo Observatory
Running Man Nebula
monica h
Incredible memorable experience We went on a lovely clear night and were the only ones there yet the tour went on. Peter Starz (yes that is his name!!!) is the owner and gives a quick education lesson of stars, moons and planets. You are soon engrossed and beginning to feel just as passionate as Peter. His knowledge is incredible that we stayed for nearly 2 1/2 hours!!. What he showed us that night and taught us was unforgettable that we now feel quite knowledgeable about what the stars really mean. We now look at the night sky in a completely different way. There are around 10 telescopes that he can set up with bigger group numbers but only 2 were set up that night. We still were shown an amazing array of planets and stars. This is a must see and worth the admission fee. Well done Peter. We will be back.
Bharat I
Great to see jupiter, saturn and a whole host of stars in the night sky. Great to see jupiter, saturn and a whole host of stars in the night sky. try going in winter but if not possible, summer is ok except it gets really hot. An experience to remember.
Excellent- a must see in Dubbo Excellent! I’d definitely recommend visiting. They have multiple telescopes outside and the large main telescope. They reset the telescopes during the visit so you can see twice as much. A very detailed explanation as well. Really loved it.
Awesome Experience Whilst visiting Dubbo on a family trip my daughter-in-law suggested a trip to the Dubbo observatory so glad we went it was an awesome experience!! Peter Starr who was the astronomer hosted the event with his wife, gave a very informative and entertaining talk.So glad we went and would highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting Dubbo!
Fabulous sky views and informative hosts Fabulous sky views and informative hosts. Peter gave us an informative talk and had several telescopes pointing at different areas of the sky. It was a cold night but well worth it as the sky was clear and the views mesmerising.
Leigh A
Better than the movies Great night Peter shares so much knowledge with you, don't be afraid to ask questions, he is only to happy to answer them. Rug up in winter months, its pretty cold. Its not the best for small children but primary aged up love it, so do us big kids!!!