International Star Registry Photography

We can photograph a star you have purchased from a star registry.

We use either our 20 inch or 17 inch telescope using an astronomical CCD camera.

We image a quarter of a degree section of the sky with your star centred.

We can also do a constellation wide image as well.

We email you a jpeg image of your star and can add the star name and coordinates if you wish.

Cost is $125

Different stars are visible at different times of year. We can advise you when your star can be photographed.

If you are looking for a star to purchase we can advise you what constellation to choose from.

We can also show you your star through the telescope if you attend one of our telescope viewing nights.

Contact us at [email protected], and please provide the coordinates of the star.

The coordinates must be in epoch J2000. We require RA xx hours, xx mins, xx sec, Dec +or – xx deg, xx min, xx sec.

The International Star Registry are reputable and provide these coordinates in J2000.

We have found that some other star registries don’t provide epoch J2000, but do JNow or something else and don’t specify. We can try and locate your star but in many cases we won’t. In these cases if you know a catalogue number (GSC) for the star we can find it.