Bring your Canon or Nikon or Sony DSLR Camera. Mirrorless are also fine if you have an adapter that fits the DSLR lenses.

Alternatively you can use our Canon RA mirrorless camera. You just need to bring a standard SD Card. Or we can sell you one.

We attach the camera body to our telescopes to take images of deep sky objects, like galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

The session goes for 2 hours.

This session is only held on moonless nights.

We use our 17 inch Planewave Telescope and our 4″ Takahashi refractor.

If you have a wide angle lens we can take some images of constellations or the Milky Way.

Bring an empty usb stick

If there are any planets visible, we can take a video and copy that to your usb stick. This can be processed to form an image.

You must know your settings on your camera before you come.

  • Manual Setting
  • ISO Settings
  • Exposure time settings
  • Live View
  • Magnify the live view
  • Can Take an image without the lens attached (important for sony mirrorless)

Do a dry run before you come without your lens attached.

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